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Nagel Construction Ltd is the premier company for Bathroom and Kitchen Design and Remodeling Since 1985.

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Nagel construction Ltd. has been the remodeling company to call For League City and surrounding area since 1985.

League City Remodeling is what we do and we love our customers, we also Remodel Seabrook , Kemah and all points South. For your next project please give us a call at 281-333-2157 or email Rick@Nagelcontractors.com .

Exterior House Painting tips (Lower Houston Area)

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When doing an exterior paint job it is important to follow these proper steps.

house-painters (1)First of all you have to establish the general condition of your exterior and if any materials need to be replaced due to deterioration. If so make the replacements needed be it fascia board ,soffitt  or siding whatever the case may be. When replacing fascia board or garage door surround I typically use treated lumber for durability but if you use treated lumber you need to allow it at least a day to dry out before applying a heavy coat of oil base primer . Many primer manufacturers say that they make a Latex primer for bare wood that is just as good but fact of the matter is that only oil base primer can seal out the natural occurring oils in the replacement lumber so do not be deceived. Oil base primer is messy, smelly and expensive but you do not want to have a peeling situation and in fact it will occur in a matter of months without proper priming as I just specified. You do not want to have to re do your work and in my case most of the time I give a seven year warranty against peeling at Nagel Construction Ltd. And have never been called back due to any weathering and these tips are the key to success.

For a Free quote give us a call: (281) 333-2157

Clear Lake, Galveston County, Houston Area

Latex paint cannot and will not ever bond to oils of any kind in the wood so Oil Primer is a must, oil based primer is the only oil base anything that will allow Latex paint to bond to it. For siding I usually use Hardi Plank siding for long lasting beauty and it will not deteriorate with weather or time. It has a factory primer on it Already and is ready to paint as long as you paint it within a satisfactory amount of time.

After all your replacement is done the final prep work which is most important is all penetrations must be sealed with caulk, spackling , putty, etc. No moisture can get behind your painted areas ever because it will release it from the surface that is painted. I usually go with a top quality 50 year warranty Elastomeric caulk on all my outside finishes for elasticity and durability. There is none better in my opinion.

We use nothing but the best coatings and products in every project we do. We do not ever cut corners on materials because it in turn can and will potentially sacrifice your reputation. After 27 years in business, that is Never An Option.

When painting an exterior in any climate I use a sheen or gloss of some kind. Flat paint is the least expensive and that is why it is commonly used by most companies but what most people do not realize is that it is porous so when it is exposed to moisture or precipitation the building materials that it is supposed to be protecting do get wet and stay wet longer as a result of the flat paint. Do not let your contractor use flat paint on your exterior, if you want a flat finish make them use a Matte finish not flat paint. Do not go with the most inexpensive bid because it will 99 percent of the time be the worst quality. If you do not have the money to go with a reputable company then wait till you can afford to hire someone with a proven track record.

We at Nagel also except all major credit cards through PayPal so you are covered with not only a quality job but your security remains safe with them as well. Do your research before hiring your contractor and you will get the end result of a long lasting, expert paint or Remodeling job.

For a Free quote if needed for your next project call 281-333-2157

Nagel Construction Houston Texas

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Since 1985 we have stood above the rest for reputation and attention to detail. We have always done every job to create a repeat customer and we have. We are honored to still be thriving in the business world and have such a great customer base of repeat customers. We give a 10% discount to active military, handicap and senior citizens as our way of giving something back in these tougher economic times. We are offering 10% off for first time customers as well . Specializing in Painting and Remodeling as well as Room Additions ,Concrete work and Carpentry. We offer a seven year warranty against peeling on our exterior paint jobs. We are with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating and we do except all major credit cards as well. Please call 281-333-2157 for a free estimate.

Building Concrete the Right Way – SeaBrook, Clear Lake, Nassau Bay

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Every concrete job is different. When removing a slab you have to get all of it removed before you truly know your next plan of action. If the ground it is low after excavation it has to be brought up to grade with sand or base to make sure it is a flat plane to pour on. If there are tree roots they have to be extracted before pouring to make sure that they do not grow and destroy or damage the new slab. Finally, they make different what is call PSI levels for concrete . This is the different strengths of concrete according to your application, location and purpose for the concrete. Make sure a proper amount of rebar is used in your pour to give structural strength as well.

I watch remodeling shows on television after having 38 years in construction and it blows my mind to see the number of times that they pour concrete without a single bit of steel in the pour. Tying the steel is an expensive,time consuming,back breaking part of the process that is the most important of all of the job for a long lasting, durable product that you are paying for and deserve as a consumer. A slab or foundation of any kind will not stand the test of time without steel in it. It is guaranteed to crack. That is why it is so crucial to call Nagel Construction Ltd. in Seabrook,Clear Lake,Nassau Bay for the concrete that you desire and deserve.

Do not be caught short and not know it. It is important that your concrete look perfect but in the case of concrete the corners that they cut will be poured over and you will never see that you do not have proper steel in your pour till sometimes years later when you have to pay to do it all over again because it has broken into so many pieces.

We have 27 years of happy satisfied customers that still use no one but us and for that we are grateful. Our customers are everything to us and we show it daily in our performance, reputation and savings to our customers.

We thank you for your continued business.
God bless this great nation of ours and may we continue to prosper.

Nagel Construction LTD Since 1985

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Nagel construction Ltd. specializes in Siding replacement, Carpentry, painting ,concrete and all phases of construction and Remodeling. We do not mark up our materials ever and we get a discount at most outlets on our materials so the savings is passed on to you our customers. We enjoy what we do and have been at it for 27 years now. We have seen many companies come and go over the years while we just keep on making customers happy. For your next Concrete,Remodeling and Painting Project in the Clear Lake and Seabrook area please call a name you can trust for an always free estimate.281-333-2157

All Styles of Stamp and Stain Concrete Clear Lake Tx

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Nagel Construction Ltd. Has been servicing the needs of the Texas Gulf Coast region as well as Texas since June of 1985. We specialize in Painting, Remodeling ,carpentry and concrete. We do all styles of stamp and stain concrete as well as specialize in Interior and Exterior painting of all surfaces, commercial and residential. Offering a seven year warranty on exterior paint jobs against peeling with 100% satisfaction rating. We are a Better Business Bureau accredited company with an A+ rating.Since we live on the gulf coast we realize what it takes to apply a lasting, beautiful paint job that will be beautiful and self sufficient for years to come. Total prep work is mandatory and that is what is so typically skipped in the process by our so called competitors. Bottom line is we have no direct competition because no one goes to the pain staking preparation that we do. We take extra care in all we do on your home as we realize it is your single largest investment besides your children. For a free estimate and to get personalized service that all of our repeat customers enjoy please call 281-333-2157 or go to NagelContractors.com for more details and reviews of our work.

Exterior and Interior Painting Galveston County Clear Lake

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Nagel Construction Ltd. Is the company to call for Remodeling, Painting, Carpentry and Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks. We service all of Galveston County, Galveston, Seabrook, League City, Dickinson, Kemah, Clear Lake and Nassau Bay. We have been in Business since June of 1985 and we do every job with Honesty, Integrity and Perfection.

Painting in all styles and all surfaces we use only the best Paint and products for your project. Specializing in Residential Painting and Residential Remodeling as well as Commercial Painting and Commercial Finish Out. The Clear Lake area is what we love to call home and we are based out of Seabrook Texas for your convenience.

NagelContractors.com is our web site for more reviews and references please visit. Exterior Painting on most all jobs we warranty for seven years against peeling and is already included in our highly competitive pricing.

Understanding the demands of Exterior Painting and weather on the Gulf Coast and Clear Lake region is what makes our company stand apart from the competition for durability.

After 38 years of experience in Exterior Painting as well as Interior Painting we have trade secrets that other companies just Do Not and will not ever know. When you hire us for your project you can rest assured knowing that we have thousands of Satisfied Customers in our history that still call us above everyone else for all of their Painting and Remodeling jobs.

For a free estimate please call 281-333-2157
God bless America and the troops!

Clear Lake House Painter

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Nagel Construction Ltd. has been in business since 1985 and are still the innovative leaders in the remodeling sphere of Texas.We have had the same repeat customers all these years because no one delivers perfection and personalized service like we do. Amazing transformations are what we do. We are competitive in our rates to the other companies.We have an A+ rating with BBB and that means everything to us. We are an EPA certified renovator and a drug free workplace and always have been. We offer a 7 year warranty on exterior paint jobs against peeling.

Call today for a free estimate 281-333-2157.

Home Remodeling and Painting (Seabrook, Kemah, League City, Clear Lake)

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Nagel Construction Ltd. NagelContractors.com Has been Remodeling and Painting in the Clear Lake , Galveston Area since 1985 with 100% satisfaction. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We are an EPA certified renovation firm and specialize in all phases of Remodeling, Painting, Carpentry and Sheet rock. We offer a seven year warranty against peeling on most all of our exterior paint jobs. We know what it takes to perform a long lasting durable paint job to the outside of your home with the high demands of living on the Gulf Coast. Timely and Trustworthy, we have been the industry go to company since 1985 and we are extremely grateful to our loyal customers for all the years in Business.

For a free estimate on your Paint job or next household project please give us a call at 281-333-2157

Location: Seabrook, Kemah, League City, Clear Lake

Nagel Construction for Painting and Remodeling (Southeast Houston,Galveston surrounding)

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Nagel Construction has been Remodeling and Painting The Texas Gulf Coast and surrounding areas since 1985 with pride and perfection. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We always provide free estimates and we offer a seven year warranty against peeling on most all of our exterior paint jobs that is included in our already fair pricing. We also do concrete and all phases of residential and commercial construction. We have competitive prices for all phases of Residential Painting and Remodeling. We are listed with Angie’s list, Better Business Bureau and we are EPA Certified renovators for your protection. We are a drug free company and always have been for the highest morals and protection on your property. Please call 281-333-2157 or go to www.nagelcontractors.com for more info. A company you can trust.

Location: Southeast Houston, Galveston surrounding