Exterior House Painting tips (Lower Houston Area)

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When doing an exterior paint job it is important to follow these proper steps.

house-painters (1)First of all you have to establish the general condition of your exterior and if any materials need to be replaced due to deterioration. If so make the replacements needed be it fascia board ,soffitt  or siding whatever the case may be. When replacing fascia board or garage door surround I typically use treated lumber for durability but if you use treated lumber you need to allow it at least a day to dry out before applying a heavy coat of oil base primer . Many primer manufacturers say that they make a Latex primer for bare wood that is just as good but fact of the matter is that only oil base primer can seal out the natural occurring oils in the replacement lumber so do not be deceived. Oil base primer is messy, smelly and expensive but you do not want to have a peeling situation and in fact it will occur in a matter of months without proper priming as I just specified. You do not want to have to re do your work and in my case most of the time I give a seven year warranty against peeling at Nagel Construction Ltd. And have never been called back due to any weathering and these tips are the key to success.

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Latex paint cannot and will not ever bond to oils of any kind in the wood so Oil Primer is a must, oil based primer is the only oil base anything that will allow Latex paint to bond to it. For siding I usually use Hardi Plank siding for long lasting beauty and it will not deteriorate with weather or time. It has a factory primer on it Already and is ready to paint as long as you paint it within a satisfactory amount of time.

After all your replacement is done the final prep work which is most important is all penetrations must be sealed with caulk, spackling , putty, etc. No moisture can get behind your painted areas ever because it will release it from the surface that is painted. I usually go with a top quality 50 year warranty Elastomeric caulk on all my outside finishes for elasticity and durability. There is none better in my opinion.

We use nothing but the best coatings and products in every project we do. We do not ever cut corners on materials because it in turn can and will potentially sacrifice your reputation. After 27 years in business, that is Never An Option.

When painting an exterior in any climate I use a sheen or gloss of some kind. Flat paint is the least expensive and that is why it is commonly used by most companies but what most people do not realize is that it is porous so when it is exposed to moisture or precipitation the building materials that it is supposed to be protecting do get wet and stay wet longer as a result of the flat paint. Do not let your contractor use flat paint on your exterior, if you want a flat finish make them use a Matte finish not flat paint. Do not go with the most inexpensive bid because it will 99 percent of the time be the worst quality. If you do not have the money to go with a reputable company then wait till you can afford to hire someone with a proven track record.

We at Nagel also except all major credit cards through PayPal so you are covered with not only a quality job but your security remains safe with them as well. Do your research before hiring your contractor and you will get the end result of a long lasting, expert paint or Remodeling job.

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