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Nagel Construction Houston Texas

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Since 1985 we have stood above the rest for reputation and attention to detail. We have always done every job to create a repeat customer and we have. We are honored to still be thriving in the business world and have such a great customer base of repeat customers. We give a 10% discount to active military, handicap and senior citizens as our way of giving something back in these tougher economic times. We are offering 10% off for first time customers as well . Specializing in Painting and Remodeling as well as Room Additions ,Concrete work and Carpentry. We offer a seven year warranty against peeling on our exterior paint jobs. We are with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating and we do except all major credit cards as well. Please call 281-333-2157 for a free estimate.

Building Concrete the Right Way – SeaBrook, Clear Lake, Nassau Bay

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Every concrete job is different. When removing a slab you have to get all of it removed before you truly know your next plan of action. If the ground it is low after excavation it has to be brought up to grade with sand or base to make sure it is a flat plane to pour on. If there are tree roots they have to be extracted before pouring to make sure that they do not grow and destroy or damage the new slab. Finally, they make different what is call PSI levels for concrete . This is the different strengths of concrete according to your application, location and purpose for the concrete. Make sure a proper amount of rebar is used in your pour to give structural strength as well.

I watch remodeling shows on television after having 38 years in construction and it blows my mind to see the number of times that they pour concrete without a single bit of steel in the pour. Tying the steel is an expensive,time consuming,back breaking part of the process that is the most important of all of the job for a long lasting, durable product that you are paying for and deserve as a consumer. A slab or foundation of any kind will not stand the test of time without steel in it. It is guaranteed to crack. That is why it is so crucial to call Nagel Construction Ltd. in Seabrook,Clear Lake,Nassau Bay for the concrete that you desire and deserve.

Do not be caught short and not know it. It is important that your concrete look perfect but in the case of concrete the corners that they cut will be poured over and you will never see that you do not have proper steel in your pour till sometimes years later when you have to pay to do it all over again because it has broken into so many pieces.

We have 27 years of happy satisfied customers that still use no one but us and for that we are grateful. Our customers are everything to us and we show it daily in our performance, reputation and savings to our customers.

We thank you for your continued business.
God bless this great nation of ours and may we continue to prosper.