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It has been my privilege to know Rick Nagel for over 33 years. I know him to be of good character, extremely professional in conducting business, a hard worker and a very skilled and talented craftsman. He demonstrates a high level of competence and enjoyment from his work, which is reflected in the consistent superior quality of the end result. He is a very driven person that takes a hands on approach to the work that he is doing and always demonstrates a can do attitude with any project that he undertakes. I have no reservations at all in entrusting him to any size project. He is the person that I call on whenever I need any work done on my home. Therefore, I can give the highest recommendation for his services and know that he will be a valued asset to any project with which he is entrusted.

Michael R. Boutte

I have known Rick and Nagel Constructions for awhile now. Whenever he sends workers here they have always done excellent work. I had my porch in the back yard tiled, and Rick came here with his workers. They did an excellent job. Whoever comes to my house asks who did the work for me.

When my air conditioning needed work, I used Nagel Construction. They were very timely and very efficient for the job. As far as the cost, I am very comfortable with what I am paying. Nagel Construction is the only company I use now. I would be more than willing to recommend Nagel Construction to any of my friends for both their efficiency and timeliness.

Thomas S.

Before I used Nagel Construction I had to fire a contractor because they didn’t show up. It was terrible. I don’t know if it was because the shed I was having built wasn’t bringing in big revenue so they went to other jobs, but those are the type of people I had to deal with.

I got on the internet, found Nagel Construction, and read a little bit about what he does. I took a chance and called him. He came over and assessed the situation to see exactly what I wanted done. He then told me he would come to do the job the next day (or the next business day).

Every time we decided on something, it was done. If he said he would be there at 9AM, he was there at 9AM with his people ready to work. I told him I thought things would take a long time, and he told me he would be done by the end of the day.

I wasn’t used to this type of service. I thought that the entire construction business acted like my previous experience, and that they didn’t care. I will call Rick Nagel again in the future.

The work they did was also good quality. He is very conscientious about his work. He didn’t just have the workers do it all, but he also stepped in and worked. Everything was a 5. I had pretty shoddy work done before, so a lot of what he did was just correcting other peoples mistakes, which he is used to. I had no problem giving him the money he asked for because he did exactly what I wanted.

Ron S

Nagel Construction did excellent work. I’m very happy with the way they performed. I happen to know Rick, the owner, personally, but what made me go with their service is their excellent reputation. I sure would use them again, and I would recommend them again for the excellent work they did.


I met Rick Nagel in 2003 and we quickly became friends and enjoyed each others company in the morning over coffee. When I retired from 35years-S.A.P.D. in April 2004 and wanted to remodel my home there was no one else I would turn to. Rick Nagel remodeled my 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage from top to bottom and built a 15′ x 35′ patio, with roof and wooden ceiling. He is an excellent painter, Carpenter, installer and contractor. He used only the very best materials, has excellent assistants that are also trustworthy, he pays attention to details and gives a very fair price on his labor. This renovation included 2 bathrooms from the floor up, a brand new kitchen with custom cabinets, interior painting and texture. What was amazing was that I could trust him with my home, and furnishings. During this period of remodeling (3 months), I had a death in the family and had to turn my home over to Rick. I was gone for 1 month, setting all my family affairs in order in another state. When I returned everything was better than I left it and clean. The painting was completed, my new kitchen was installed, he over saw the instillation on the new carpet, wooden floors, the electrical work was up and running, my patio was completed and newly ordered hot tub was installed and operational. Rick and his crew finished painting the outside of my home and my roof was installed and all materials were cleaned up and carried away. I was so surprised and 100% satisfied. Not only did I have a Great contractor, but even to this day we are friends and I am still very proud of his work and our friendship. I would recommend him to anyone needing a contractor or handyman or a friend.

cam91025@yahoo.com 07-20-2010.
Carlos A. Madero

To whom it may concern: I want to take this opportunity to extol and praise the extraordinarily professional work Mr. Nagel has accomplished for me on a number of occasions. It is rare to find such high quality craftsmanship together with an impeachable lofty ethical personality in our nation today. I have been in a position to observe precisely these attributes in Mr. Nagel and his select team of competent co-workers for a number of years. I have every reason to applaud the performance of Mr. Nagel and, with every fiber of my being, to recommend the remarkable quality of his workmanship to whomever may inquire. If I may be of any further assistance in this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dr. Charles Abraham

I’m with the San Antonio Police Department and met Rick Nagel a few years ago while getting some coffee and have been friends ever since. I’ve heard many good comments about Rick as a person and his work. I have seen some of his work and could see he was very particular about his work. I had Rick and his crew come to my place and paint most of my 3000 thousand square foot house inside. Rick did a very good job on the preparation and painting. It was obvious his crew respected him. If you hire Rick for a job, I’m quite certain you will be greatly satisfied.

Mark Bjugstad

San Antonio Police

I have known Rick Nagel for approx. 7 years and have observed several of his projects and have seen incredible transformations take place. He is trustworthy and truly cares about all his customers. I have recommended his company to several friends and neighbors and they have all turned out to be permanent customers of Nagel Construction. He only hires true craftsmen to work and represent his firm. It is obvious that his integrity and reputation mean very much to him. He completes every job as though it were his own home. He has NO unsatisfied customers in his history in construction.

Yours Truly,
Wayne Hartman

This letter is to say that I have hired Nagel Construction on several occasions. I hired their company to convert my formal dining area into a bedroom for my young daughter and it turned extremely well. My daughter has had many good times in her new room and enjoys it. We gave him a few ideas and he made it happen in record time. I have known the owner Rick Nagel since 1987 and for the rest of my live I will use Nagel Construction for all my building and remodeling needs. I have had great results, he and his works are punctual and honest. I always recommend his company to people who ask.

Todd Bushnell

For a Free Estimate on your project all along the Bay Area and Gulf Coast call us at: 281-333-2157